Ambs Vineyard




The challenge, which Andreas Ambs accepted with his Kaiserstuhl firmly anchored vineyard, was huge. His goals: To refresh the image of the somewhat dusty Müller-Thurgau, to reinterpret the wine and make it attractive to the younger generation again. For Andreas Ambs, the "honest Müller" is not a trivial mass wine, but a light wine with fine fruit flavors, which has earned a new image and a creative, appealing design. His credo: Switch off your head and try to listen to your heart!




Through the close cooperation of the South African design agency Bravo and the experienced printing and finishing experts of Vollherbst, an exceptional wine brand concept with a special wine label has been developed. "HERZ ÜBER KOPF" (engl. Heart Over Head) stands for pure emotionality! This wine became an eye-catcher by the warm color, vivacious illustrations and filigree finishes – something completely new in the German market! It is a wine with a well thought-out marketing concept that convinces not only visually, but also in terms of taste. This wine stands out from the crowd. Since the official launch, young and old are under the spell of HERZ ÜBER KOPF - and that has been responsible for disproportionate sales figures since the beginning.



Franz Keller




The name Keller stands internationally and especially in its homeland Kaiserstuhl for absolute authenticity and value. It has always been recognized by the black eagle on the label that you hold a noble and special drop in your hand. With the relaunch of the GG label, Vollherbst, together with the media agents from Bad Dürkheim, was given the task of reinterpreting traditional value for Grand Crus from organic soils. 




The pure and subtle design required classic but highly sophisticated finishes, which were implemented in a combination of gold foil and blind embossed elements. The label was given a contemporary touch with side-coat effects which, in combination with the selected natural cotton paper, create wonderful matt-gloss effects. This distinguishes the GG line with its high classification level from the other products of the renowned winery, so GG is the top performer of the long-standing wine top league.



Alte Wache




Self-determination through wine? The individualization of the world is an unstoppable trend and leads to an enormous differentiation of life concepts, market niches and product needs. Handmade, DIY and regionality are the driving trends of today. People want to decide for themselves what they do, what they look like and what they buy and where... This trend was also recognized by Vollherbst at an early stage and they reinterpreted the label with a hip wine hotspot in Freiburg. Moving away from the classic label, they invented "Freiburg (k) leben" and broke old thought patterns by creating a completely new product experience, which allows the customer to design his own wine bottle to his taste.




Together with Alte Wache (engl. The Old Guard - the House of Baden Wines) the in-house agency CREATIONS of Vollherbst developed the “Postcard Labels”: The customer acquires a fruity-light white wine cuvée in a nude bottle without the expected decorative label. Instead, various postcards can be purchased with small adhesive labels. The sticker motifs are all typical Freiburg symbols. These are available in the themes "Ceremony", "Hero Time", "Homeland" and "Stay Wild". Here, next to the more than 800-year-old Freiburger cathedral, wine lovers and tourists now can design their own piece of Freiburg on a whim and take it home – in the form of a wine that you’ll definitely never find a second time.







Cathedral Cellar, one of the international premium wine brands from the South African winemaker KWV, recently relaunched its wine series and equipped its labels with filigree, copper foil embossed wine barrels. The 32 huge “Stukvats” (wine barrels) with historic carvings make the wine cellar a real visual highlight! With Wim Truter, the winery also has a cellar master, with whom one would like to sit together at the table! But how do you combine all these wonderful impressions and the knowledge of the various types of wine of this series on a single label? With the help of the latest Augmented Reality technology, Vollherbst can combine all of this – smart, elegant and without overloading the label!




With the help of the smartphone app LABELinmotion from Vollherbst, consumers now have the exciting possibility to interact with Cathedral Cellar! If you scan the label with the app, you enter the impressive wine cellar. There you meet Wim Truter, who helps you to find your personal favorite wine. For this, you just have to "swipe" with your finger to get the drinking recommendation for the individual wines of the collection. In the end, your own drinking moment with Cathedral Cellar can even be photographed directly and shared on social networks!



Weingut Karl Veit



Regional products are trendy! Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and under what conditions they are made, and they prefer to buy locally rather than globally. A trend, from which the German winemakers can benefit - but how do you take advantage of this trend? How do you assert yourself among a large number of wine providers and how can you communicate your own story to the customer - in an authentic and understandable way? These were the questions that the winery Karl Veit asked itself, when they contacted Vollherbst with the idea for their new edition "AUS DEM FELS” (engl. From The Rock). The family winery is located in the Mosel valley - characterized by steep slopes with nutrient-rich slate soils, which give the wines a special minerality. Karl Veit stands for classic winemaking and puts special emphasis on naturalness, sustainability and quality. With Vollherbst, they searched for a way to unite these values ​​and position them as key brand elements.




With Vollherbst craftLABEL, a way has been found now to integrate the ground on which the Moselwein grows into the label and to honor the name "From the Rock" perfectly. The process, developed especially by Vollherbst, combines a conventional relief varnish with the addition of real raw materials. Vollherbst was supplied by the winery Karl Veit with original slate, processed this to fine powder and applied the slate-craftLACK noticeable and visible on the illustrated vineyards of the label. Natural and honestly handcrafted wines - a brand message that is now transported across the label. craftLABEL is storytelling on the next level. A completely new way of communicating your very own story via label. Vollherbst brings your labels to life!