Our unique synergies combine innovation, creativity and printing knowledge. We use this expertise to develop new and high-selling label concepts that are tailored to your consumers.


Already in the design phase, we integrate printing and finishing technology efficiently into the development. Vollherbst produces over 500 million wine and spirits labels every year. Thus, we always have an overview of the trends in the market.


Tradition meets modernity and becomes an incomparable cuvée of ideas!


Tastes are known to be different ...

Many producers rely on a broad product portfolio to serve different taste preferences with their brands.

However, the multitude of product features must not be at the expense of efficient production and certainly not harm the recognition. Seen holistically, there is a great and underestimated savings potential here.

We analyze your product portfolio in terms of design and recognition and optimize the technical implementation and the procurement process for you.

Our know-how enables us to save you a lot of costs by minimal optimizations.


Are your products still attractive to your consumers tomorrow?

New generations and changes in consumer needs inevitably raise this question. Put your existing brands to the test!

Through detailed design optimization, we present your products attractively and adapt them to changing consumer needs.

Remain core elements of your previous packaging in order not to lose recognition and continue to successfully position your brand.


Together with you and your consumers we develop a unique and innovative label concept that is 100% aimed at your target group.

Our approach: Strategic and conceptual development phases - the focus is always on your consumer.

With the inspirational creativity of our young teams, feedback from your target audience and technical expertise will give you the best out of three worlds!

Together we will create a project briefing and define the tasks. This serves as the basis for our creative brainstorming with an interdisciplinary team. Based on the ideas developed there, we build up three different concepts. For each of them, we present you with a creative and goal-oriented design approach and support you constructively in the decision-making process.
After finalizing the printing and finishing concept as well as the labeling-technical feasibility check, we transfer your new design to the complete product line. Afterwards, we look forward to welcoming you in our house personally to the print pass of your new labels. With our print & finishing team, we coordinate the color and finishing with you and ensure the perfect brand appearance of your products!
Based on the selected design approach, we create prototypes on original material. As part of a consumer survey, the designs are presented to people from your target group and discussed extensively. The results are analyzed and incorporated into the new label design as a design optimization. Look forward to the presentation of the final designs!

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