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The Vollherbst family is 100% owner and pacesetter of the company. The resulting independence and long-term planning horizon help us and our partners build long-term, trusting relationships and work toward our goals with calmness and perseverance. We put cooperation at eye level in the foreground. We assign full responsibility to our employees and cooperate with them on a professional level.


With the arrival of Matthias and Stefan Vollherbst, a new generation took over the management of the family business. As Managing Director, Matthias is responsible for the strategic direction of the company since 2016 and builds a bridge between tradition and modernity. Stefan, who has been working in the family business since 2010, takes care of the production process as well as new technical developments. The brothers are supported by their father Dr. Franz-Josef Vollherbst, who contributes to the success of the company with his creativity and his experience


Vollherbst Story

Franz Anton Vollherbst has a strong sense of beauty. Situations that particularly inspire him are captured in photographs and paintings. He has his favorites copied by printers and presents them to friends on special occasions. However, he quickly realizes that his expectations for an excellent print can not be met by any printer. His works should come out perfectly. So in 1921 he realizes his vision. In a barter business, he buys a second-hand Tiegel printing press. While he pursues his profession as a bookbinder during the day, he tinkers at night with his machine, with which he soon prints his guideline on paper: PERSISTENCE WORKS OUT. True to this motto, he works meticulously until the print results meet his requirements. Over time, he succeeds in bringing print results to a completely new level of quality through his perfectionism. As a sideline winemaker, he focuses particularly on labels, the effect of which he tests on the bottles of his own wines. The other winegrowers quickly realize that the ‘wines from Franz’ enjoy more attention than their own. They associate this with his self-printed labels. From now on, they will commission their labels at Vollherbst, who stays true to his line and perfects every single label until he is satisfied and smiles happily for a moment.

The philosophy of our company founder is still our guideline and our driving force. The name Vollherbst enjoys an excellent image on the market. It stands for uncompromising quality and precision as well as out-of-the-box innovation. Even the entrepreneurial spirit of the past has remained. With courage and perseverance, we have managed to extend our customer base to the Cape of Good Hope. More than a third of the labels produced exclusively in Endingen are delivered abroad.


In doing so, we never appear in the foreground. If people standing in front of the shelf can distinguish a Vollherbst label from another, we too are proud and happy for a moment. We feel good in our role as a quiet connoisseur. Knowing that the works of art printed by us significantly influence the brand image and the positioning of products. International premium brands like KWV, Monkey47 or Pongracz swear by Vollherbst labels.

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