With LABELinmotion, information and feelings can be conveyed much more expressiveness than a printed text on a back label can ever express! Our innovative smartphone app combines complex information with augmented reality in such an elegant way, that at first sight they are not obvious at all. If you scan the AR label with the mobile phone camera, the stored application will automatically start videos, pictures and animations and the label will suddenly appear multidimensional. You can also use audio effects such as music and sounds, action buttons or even entire menus!


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR for short) is a virtual reality in which existing things perceived by the eye can be visually expanded. An algorithm perceives the environment, scans it and projects an image into it. The commonplace example for such technique is the offside line displayed during football.

What is the reason behind an AR-Label?

AR is ideal for a great storytelling - because customers buy emotions! With AR labels, both complex content and emotions can be conveyed vividly without overloading the label. In addition, innovative solutions always reach new target groups.

What makes Augmented Reality Labels so special?

The label appeals to emotions in an innovative way, in order to make the spectator feel personally addressed. AR combines emotional, moving images and background music, so that the label addresses several senses. Another point is that the digital material can be exchanged again and again. For example, you can shoot movies during different seasons and use them appropriately.

What is the process of an AR-project?

The Vollherbst team looks after our customers from start till finish - from the idea up to the marketing!

  • Develop an objective for the AR label together

  • Understand the brand values ​​and CI specifications

  • Brainstorm and develop various AR concepts

  • Joint condensation of concepts into a final storyboard

  • Programming the AR label with several optimization loops

  • GoLive and Roll-Out

  • Support in the marketing of the AR label


What AR-Labels are currently available? 


Currently you can experience both the wine labels of the KWV Cathedral Cellar and ZGM Michel Schneider as well as the special label for HOTSPOT PINOT and the event label of the Vollherbst Label Days in Augmented Reality.

What does Vollherbst, as a label printing company, have to do with augmented reality labels?

Vollherbst has been able to assert itself on the label market as a premium supplier for around 100 years only, because the family-owned company in Endingen constantly adapts to the market and customer needs.


Today, with 98 years of experience in the beverage and label industry, combined with a young CREATIONS team aged 25 to 35 (which is the main target group of AR labels), the innovative team can develop AR labels that they themselves would enjoy seeing on the market.

ZGM Michel Schneider
KWV Cathedral Cellar

How can I try LABELinmotion?

First and foremost: Write us and request samples! We will gladly send you some original labels for your live experience at home. Afterwards, only the following steps have to be taken:


  1. Download LABELinmotion on the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore

  2. Open the LABELinmotion app and allow access to camera

  3. Activate sound

  4. Hold the smartphone with the camera positioned above the label and go!

Click the button below to get to your App-Store:

Can I scan every label with the app?

You can scan and experience any Vollherbst Label deposited with an AR application by using our app.


My app is not working properly, why?

  • Make sure your app is always up to date to experience the latest AR labels. Always get the latest update from the appstore.

  • Lighting conditions are an important issue. The application can only run smoothly if the label is adequately illuminated - daylight is sufficient. On the other hand, too much light can interfere with the detection points on the label - so avoid direct light and harsh sunlight at best.

  • Make sure the sound on your smartphone is turned on to fully experience the AR label both visually and acoustically.


With our QR code you can reach the app directly!


Immerse in the fascinating world of virtual labels.

We wish you lots of pleasure with LABELinmotion!


Your Vollherbst Team


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