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Wet glue labels.
Self-adhesive labels.

Labels are as diverse as real life. We love the different, the exciting and the extraordinary. We value strong characters and courageous decisions. Therefore, you will not find a machine in our machine park that is the same as the other one. Consumers today want to be addressed in completely different ways and demand concepts tailored to their needs. Vollherbst offers a technical solution to all these requirements - whether self-adhesive or wet-glue labels, hangtags, subsequent imprints and much more. Our goal is to put the products of our customers in the spotlight.


At the same time, quality is our top priority. We do not supply a label that we would not label ourselves. We demand the highest precision and accuracy from ourselves and our suppliers. Because every negligence reduces the perceived quality of the end product. That's what the Vollherbst family stands for.


The challenge, which Andreas Ambs accepted with his Kaiserstuhl firmly anchored vineyard, was huge. His goals: To refresh the image of the somewhat dusty Müller-Thurgau, to reinterpret the wine and make it attractive to the younger... 


The name Keller stands internationally and especially in its homeland Kaiserstuhl for absolute authenticity and value. It has always been recognized by the black eagle on the label that you hold a noble and special drop in your hand. With the relaunch of the GG label...



Self-determination through wine? The individualization of the world is an unstoppable trend and leads to an enormous differentiation of life concepts, market niches and product needs. Handmade, DIY and regionality are the driving trends of today. People want to decide...



Cathedral Cellar, one of the international premium wine brands from the South African winemaker KWV, recently relaunched its wine series and equipped its labels with filigree, copper foil embossed wine barrels. The 32 huge “Stukvats” (wine barrels) with historic carvings make the wine...


Regional products are trendy! Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and under what conditions they are made, and they prefer to buy locally rather than globally. A trend, from which the German winemakers can benefit...

Authenticity and class for wine, sparkling wine and champagne.

MARKGRÄFLER Spätburgunder
SCHLUMBERGER Chasselas trocken
ENDINGER Spätburgunder Rotwein
Weingut KÖBELIN Lösswand
Blaauwklippen: "The Pony Express"
Durbacher Plauelrain Riesling
Weingut Ehret: Pinot Noir
Franz Keller: Chardonnay 2011
Waldulmer Spätburgunder Kabinett
Anselmann: Dornfelder 2015
Nobilé Jahrgangssekt: Blanc Brut

International spirits and liquors. High proof & high quality.

BAINS Single Grain Whisky
Black Forest Distillery: Monkey 47
SENFT "Bodensee Whisky"
Schwarzwaldschnaps Haselnuss
Steinhauser: Brigantia Whisky
Blaauwklippen Before & After
Bang Bang Spicy Cinnamon Liqueur
Scholerhof: "IRIS" Dry Gin
FOX LadyGin
Schwarzwaldhof Williams-Christ Birne
MEW Single Malt Whisky
SENFT "Wodka auf Barrique"
Scheibel: "Paradies" Pfirsich

Food and beverages. Experiences for all senses.

Nectaflor "Swiss Honey"
Faller: "Badische Schwarzkirsche"
Merkle Kompott
Fallerkonfitüren Blütenhonig
Lokales Wasser 37



#Rebenheld_stick it down!

Becaus PASSION can't be put into words ...


A hero is a mythical figure who is characterized by great courage and extraordinary or even daring deeds. It may be everyday life for our vintners, winemakers, cellar masters and coopers but for us they always provide you with a special, extra-ordinary service. Vollherbst thinks: It is time to honor your deeds. It's time to give your wines the attention they deserve. High-quality materials and filigree print finishes give us the opportunity to premiumize wines with an attractive label and thus position them even better! They are special - give your wines the same special feature!
Open the best bottle of wine you have in house and toast your exploits with the team, family or friends. 
A toast to you!


[grape · vine · hero]
Example: "With hard work, in wind and weather and full of passion, the grapevine hero creates a new wine every year from his own grapes!"
  1. They are: vintner, winemaker, cooper or cellar master.
  2. They are producers of unique wines.
  3. In the vineyard and in the cellar, they perform true heroic deeds.


Friedrich Keller | Franz Keller Winery.

In the Keller family, viticulture is enshrined in a generational contract. It was a matter of course for Friedrich Keller that he devotes himself to this business with just as much passion. Friedrich describes his wines as love on the second view, since they do not convince with primary aromas but with depth, elegance and drinking flow. His philosophy: You have to get to know every single vineyard thoroughly in order to work out the different characters of the wines in the best possible way, because an uncompromising and consistent quality consciousness already starts in the vineyard. The deep attachment to the Kaiserstuhl is also reflected in the winery, which blends in with its unique design in the terraced landscape. His daily drive is the development of expressive Burgundy wines with their own identity and expression. Wines for special occasions but "for every day" have always had a common feature: they are always the perfect companion to a good meal. "The best that can happen to your wine is to be a lasting memory in the minds of connoisseurs," says Friedrich Keller.


Maximilian Jägle | Jägle Winery.

When you grow up on a vineyard, you get to know early on how the world of wine is ticking. Maximilian Jägle has always been fascinated by the thriving nature and the annual experience of how a vine grows out of hibernation, begins to exorcise and later develops into a wonderful wine. Each bottled wine has its own history, reflects the vintage in all its facets and every extra hour in the vineyard is rewarded. All these influences encouraged "Maxi" to study viticulture and oenology. After four years of study and training in the Pfalz, the Kaiserstuhl, California and Australia, he recently joined the family business. "To see the enthusiasm of the customers and the radiance in their eyes is the greatest praise" enthuses Maximilian. We are convinced that this young man, who traveled the world with an open heart, will now also be open-minded and rock the wine world with his outspoken manner!


Bettina Schumann | Bettina Schumann Weinhaus.

Nothing works without red shoes! Bettina is a Berliner. This may be - no this is the reason why she thinks, lives and makes the Baden wine a little bit different than usual. And she succeeds. Hardly any other newcomer from Baden is currently written and spoken about more. The distinctive red shoe on the label, or the golden shoe on the premium range, is her trademark, sorry, her "family crest". We can call Bettina, with a clear conscience, a wine entrepreneur, who discovered her passion for grape juice at the age of twelve, and who, at the age of 35, now demonstrates her expertise and a refreshingly creative marketing in numerous projects. We say Chapeau and look forward to everything that may come from the pen of our vine heroine!


Arndt Köbelin | Arndt Köbelin Winery.

At Köbelins nothing is left to chance. Since the age of 16, Arndt has been working for the most well-known winemakers in Germany and abroad, absorbing the most modern and best practices in viticulture and winemaking. He took over his parents' winery in 2005 together with his wife Monika, who at a young age devoted herself to wine marketing in her free time and now also manages the wine sales in the winery. The Köbelins love the winemaking and the distillation and have fulfilled as vine heroes also a very personal dream: The passion and quality of their own wines should also be reflected in the architecture of their winery. This one, in Eichstetten, is one of the most modern, purist, simply one of the coolest wineries of our time.


Julian Huber | Bernhard Huber Winery.

Courage, focus and tireless commitment. With these three attributes Julian Huber, his mother and the whole top estate’s team face the future. Together, the philosophy and hard work of Bernhard Huber, the legendary Pinot Noir visionary has continued. With the same quality and sensitivity to viticulture, Julian took over in 2014. He stands for Pinots with finesse and complexity that can only arise with patience and meticulousness. When asked what he first thinks when he thinks about his winery, the likeable winemaker responds like a gun fired with "tradition, home, family and team"! And that's exactly what you feel - not only when you experience these people, but also in every drop of Huber's wines. For us, Julian is the personified vine hero who steers his winery together with his dedicated team into a promising future!


Jessica Hammer I Winzergenossenschaft Oberbergen

Alone as a woman in a professional male domain: Jessica Hammer, "the chick in the cellar" of the wine cooperative Oberbergen, has chosen no everyday job: She is currently undergoing training as a wine technologist. "I wanted to do something practical and technical at the same time," says the young apprentice, who grew up in Oberbergen. "Wine has always been part of my life". It combines sociability, enjoyment and joie de vivre - emotions that she can now combine with her professional life. She is particularly excited about "trying out and developing new varieties, of course only under the expert guidance of the cellar master," she adds with a wink. Her profession is the cellar technology, but she likes to stay out of the cellar, for example, to explore at wine fairs, "what's going on in the market and what the customer wants." Back in the cellar with many new impressions she works together with a great team to make the Oberbergener wines to what they have always characterized: Highest quality and a wonderful bouquet.


Tell us your heroic story too. We are happy to share it here!

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